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Welcome to Jumbalaya! Please send mail if you have suggestions, questions, or bug reports. There is a Jumbalaya Yahoo group that serves as a discussion area. Anyone is welcome to join.

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Jumbalaya: Sign up

Fill out this form to give yourself a playing name, or handle.

You must have a handle to play multiplayer games. You have the option of telling folks a little bit about yourself - your name, where you're from, etc. To have your name, home, or email displayed, check the box to the left of the field (but please don't use this as an opportunity to advertise). None of the information you provide here will be given to any third parties.

A handle is optional when playing the computer. Any game you play using your handle will be figured into your statistics - average ranking, etc.

Your handle should be relatively short (12 characters at most), and consist of letters, numbers, and underscores (no spaces). The password is to prevent others from using your handle, and is required. Sorry, no HTML in your registration info. If you provide a home page URL, your name will be a link to it.

If you are creating or renewing a handle because you've forgotten the password, don't do that. Instead, send a note via the Contact link. Include some bit of information that would identify the handle as yours, and I'll reset the password for you.

The checkbox on the left of name, home, and email control whether those are shown when your handle info is displayed.

Home Page URL:

Timing: The timer is the little clock that counts down, every ten seconds (animated GIF) or every second (JavaScript). Client-pull can send you right into the game from the waiting page when the game starts.

Use an animated GIF timer Use a JavaScript timer
Use client-pull to take me to the game when a multiplayer game I'm in is starting

Game Grid: We can give you the game grid as either a GIF or as text in an HTML table. HTML is the default, so uncheck this box to switch to the GIF. You can set the grid size of the table and the letter font as you like it from small(3), medium (4) (the default), and large (5). The "auto" choice will scale the grid based on the size board you're playing - 4x4 will be large, 5x5 medium, and 6x6 small. In addition, you can pick from a few different background colors for the grid: the default gold, sand, off-white, and tan/gold. Finally, if the letters seem too large for the table, or the table doesn't end up square, try the "and with a small text font" option. MSIE users will probably want that.

Show the game grid as a table:
of size: auto small medium large
and color: gold sand tan off white
and with a small text font

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