R esults help

This is the wash that everything comes out in, where the counting is done and the accounts are settled.

A table will be shown listing all the words that any of the players found. If more than one player found it, they don't score but they get little stars for their effort. If only one player found it, she scores (according to the current scoring method). Total points are displayed, and do not necessarily indicate a player's value as a person. The number of scoring words and total words found by each player are also displayed for those who are statistically-minded or easily amused. Finally, a ranking is calculated for each player using the same algorithm that's used to handicap the computer. In other words, the computer playing at that level would have found about as many words as you did. Even the computer gets a ranking when it plays - it doesn't match the level it was set to play at since there's some randomness at work.

Press the Show them all button to see the usually humbling list of all the words the computer found, many of which are actually recognizable words. It's also fun to see if there were any monster words in the grid.

The Play it again button will appear if you were playing the computer. Press it to start a game with the same setup you just played.

Once again you're given the opportunity to make suggestions for editing the dictionary. Enter the more ridiculous-looking of the words listed into the box and they'll be considered for eviction.