G rading help

This is the part where the computer looks at the list of words you claim to have found in the grid and then makes derisive comments. Because the computer knows what words are really in there, and then factors in whether you've been bad or good. So be good, you'll score more. At least in Jumbalaya.

Depending on how awake you were while typing in your words, you'll be told of the following mistakes. The last two are combined into a list under "Invalid words".

  1. Words that were too short. They have to be at least as long as the minimum word length, or taller than the sign.
  2. Words that don't appear in the grid. Maybe some other grid, or the book you just finished, but not here.
  3. Words that the computer has never heard of. Here's your chance to get even. You can enter the words you feel it should know about, and they just might get added. Or not. It's a mysterious process too complex to explain.

If any of your words make it through those gauntlets, we check to see when you turned in your list. Lateness is penalized by the random loss of words. The later you are, the more words you tend to lose.