P laying help

I admire you. You've retired from the achievement-oriented competitive rat race in order to increase your knowledge, leaving your opponents to ravage the fertile board you left behind.

Anyway, you actually get to play the game here. Type the words you find into the box (you usually need to click in it first). One very helpful feature that many people miss is that you can add suffixes with a slash. For example, you can type in cast/e/es and get credit for "cast", "caste", and "castes". Press the button labeled Done when you're, um, finished.

If you're playing a timed game, you'll have a little clock counting down, and/or you'll be sent a warning when time is up. If you have the little clock, it's probably best to use that since the additional actions the warning makes you go through can sometimes mess things up (seems to happen especially to Windows/Netscape browsers). If you get the warning, use your browser to go back to the game page, then press Done.

For basic information on how to play,, see the instructions.