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Welcome to Jumbalaya! Please send mail if you have suggestions, questions, or bug reports. There is a Jumbalaya Yahoo group that serves as a discussion area. Anyone is welcome to join.

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P laying Jumbalaya

There are two ways to play Jumbalaya on this server:

Single player

You play the computer, which you can set to play at a level between 1 and 10. At level 1 the computer appears to misplace the list of words it wrote down. Level 5 is a good challenge for a seasoned wordmonger. At level 10 you're lucky to score at all.


You can play against other people by either starting or joining a multiplayer game. When someone starts up a game, they allow a little while for people to join, and can even have email sent to interested players. If you're interested in playing others, it's better to join a game taking signups (if there is one) than to start up a new one and dilute the pool of players. You'll need a handle to play in multiplayer games.

To join a pending game, first select the Join link to see a list of games that are currently taking signups. The game setup for each is shown.

To start up a new multi-player game, press the button labeled Less starch. No, wait, that's wrong, press the button labeled Start a multiplayer game. You'll be asked to make important decisions about the game you are creating.

General Help

What you're looking for may be in the list of frequently asked questions. If you're trying to learn how to play the game (including how the multiplayer game works), take a look at the instructions. You may also find these strategy hints helpful.

If you want to change your password or any of the personal info that shows up when you've joined a game, go to the update form.

You can also use the update form to check the state of your account, for example its expiration date.

23:16:31 Play | Games | FAQ | Help | Contact