Becoming a member

Welcome to Jumbalaya! Please send mail if you have suggestions, questions, or bug reports. There is a Jumbalaya Yahoo group that serves as a discussion area. Anyone is welcome to join.

Jumbalaya will keep going for now while I figure out the answers to a few technical questions (such as how much it's using in terms of resources). While it requires little in the way of maintenance, I honestly didn't think anyone was still playing. -Conrad

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Demo games

Normally only paid members can play in multiplayer games, but in order to give newcomers a chance to check out the game we've added "demo" games. A demo game will start every fifteen minutes with the following configuration:

The game will have the title Demo game. To join, go to the games page and look for a game with that title that is accepting signups. You'll need a handle and password to get there. Use one of the following three handles: guest1 guest2 guest3 and the password guest. If three guests have already joined you'll have to wait for the next demo game. The remaining slots are for current members to join - that way they can answer questions via the chat feature.

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