Jumbalaya: An online multiplayer word game


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Welcome to Jumbalaya! Please send mail if you have suggestions, questions, or bug reports. There is a Jumbalaya Yahoo group that serves as a discussion area. Anyone is welcome to join.

Jumbalaya will keep going for now while I figure out the answers to a few technical questions (such as how much it's using in terms of resources). While it requires little in the way of maintenance, I honestly didn't think anyone was still playing. -Conrad

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Jumbalaya is a word game where you try to find words by connecting letters that appear in a grid. There are other places to find words (many books have them), but they're not as much fun. This one is free, though you have to go through a couple of hoops to register an account if you want to play other folks online, and have statistics gathered for you.

Here you can play the game with other people and/or the computer . Someone starts up a game (including setting various game parameters such as board size), and specifies when it will start. Until then, anyone can join. When the game starts, each player is shown the board and can start typing in the words found on the board. When time is up, your words will be validated by the server and then you can see how you scored against the other players.

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